A tricky fast-paced social
bluffing game for teams!

While playing Sign the suspense will rapidly
build. Cards will fly across the table followed
by mischievous glances back and forth! You
look into her eyes, what is she hiding? Was
that a Sign? Or is she on to you?!

Sign is a quick and fast-paced card game designed for friend or family. It can be described as a mix of Poker and Set because of the intricate card design. Sign plays fast, which makes it an ideal evening starter or can be played at cafés or bars. Players form teams and create non-verbal signs in order to win. Once a round begins players have to collect a set of five cards with the same symbol. The rules seem simple, but it quickly becomes difficult when you have to pay attention to all the players and collect cards at the same time, without turns.

What’s in the box?

80 unique cards (16 symbols in 5 different colors)
3 rule leaflets (EN, DE, NL)

What people say about Sign?

“There are so many small and different tactics you can unleash in this game in order to make you victorious in the end, it’s a lot of fun!”
Nox, Nox’ Spellenzolder

“I recommend Tamps, the game is great. A fun little party game with really cool social party game elements!”
The Kwarenteen

“This game is very easy to learn, it’s a super simple concept but this game can be very very tricky. You are dealing with the chaos of pulling cards, what everybody is doing at the same time”
Cloak and Meeple, Ohio

“I would recommend the game to friends and family. A game which is easy to learn, quick to play and a fantastic team game.”
Het Ludieke Gezelschap, podcast (NL)

Where can I buy Sign?

No shops nearby? No problem, you can just contact us. We ship Sign worldwide.