The Mountain Men

We, the three musketeers of The Mountain Men, are lifelong friends. Born in the golden age of video games, we are total game fanatics. If we weren’t busy high-jacking our father’s IBM computer to play the first DOS-games, we were re-wiring the house with COAX-cables to create new (multi-player) gaming experiences with the first LAN-games. During that time, we also discovered the joy of board games and how much fun it was to modify them. Over the years our enthusiasm for games never faded, but it shifted back and forth from digital to real-life; from physical to mental; from single player to multiplayer; from cooperative to competitive. As our game collection and experience grew, our analysis of games improved as well. From this grew the dream to develop exciting, balanced and intriguing games for everyone to play. Even though interest in gaming has increased and the number of games have exploded over the last decades, we feel we can bring something to the table. So we proudly present you: Sign!