Manufacturing is a GO!

Today we gave the official GO! for the production process of Sign (Tamps). The manufacturer will make the first REAL sample of our game. It will be exactly the same as the game that you will receive. Which gives us the possibility to do a final final final check and order them all! Very excited for that 🙂

Lets pray it will look something like this:

The production process will take around 4-6 weeks and afterwards the shipping will also take some time. This means that we are a bit behind on schedule. We are very sorry for this, since we want to get the game at your home rather sooner than later. This delay is due to our name change that we had to incorporate in the game, but also on our website, social media and other places. All in all, this took us quite some time and we hope that you have some patience. We will keep you posted about the future developments.

When we have received the final real real sample we will surely make a video of that and send it to you! Further, we also asked our manufacturer for some pictures of the manufacturing process, which of course we will share with you guys!

SO proud!!! 🙂

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