Developer Diary #4 – Ducosim Game Convention and Kickstarter Teaser Sketches

Dear Friends,

After DD#3 went live, I noticed that someone dropped in uninvited. A little blue winky guy called Steven. I enjoyed having him there, although I am not sure where he came from and if he is staying. I sure hope he is keeping Rens company at the office, since this Friday is a little different due to the whole team working remotely. Salko is on his way to a nice weekend, I am in the train to Alkmaar writing this diary and Alex is working. Luckily this works well, because we have two big events planned for next week.

First, the Ducosim game convention, where we are showcasing Tamps again. A few months ago we also had a table and lots of different groups started playing Tamps, the reactions we got were the best! So if you would like to play or talk to our development team then please come say hi!

Secondly, the first sketches for the Kickstarter Teaser are drawn. The idea is to use some special motion technique to make a comic-styled Tamps animation-teaser. The characters in the teaser will represent our team. I find it very strange to see myself drawn out on a piece of paper, so I am a bit in denial to who is who.. Maybe you can help me to decide? Fill in the poll on Facebook if you have an idea.

That’s all for now. Thanks for sharing and following!


Jesse – Tamps Development Team

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