Developer Diaries #11 – A Big Splash: KICKSTARTER LAUNCH DATE: 28-10-2016

Dear friends,

The last weeks our focus has been mainly on posting video’s and pictures on facebook and other social media channels. Which made us ignore the website for a little bit. We are very sorry to our dedicated website readers, and friends that have no facebook (I am looking at you Ruben).

If you missed it, our KICKSTARTER DATE is known! We are going live on Friday 28 October 2016. See the video below for more information and a big splash! ?? [wpdevart_youtube]28NNlYmuybQ

We have also been accepted at You can find Tamps at Our rating is currently 10!!! :p However this is because we have been rating it ourselves. ??

Further, we have been visiting game conventions to showcaseTamps. Visiting these events gives us so much energy, because all the reactions from the people that play Tamps for the first time are so positive. Thanks for that! Even at DePionisten in Vichtte Belgium, there were 3 different groups that played Tamps with 8 players, and showed evryone that Tamps is a true, true party game. Even for very large groups!! A few picture for flavor:

Everybody is focused on the game, even sunglasses are used to cover signals!

And Tamps was made! The signal was touching an opponents’ cheek! ??

Because we are so happy with all the energy that you guys give us. We have decided to make an event page, so you can follow us around and see when we visit a game convention that is close to you.

To finish this diary, we want to inform you that we are busy developing our kickstarter teaser. Keep your eyes open, since the first version will arrive very soon! Be sure to check-in regularly ??

Jesse – Tamps Development Team

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